The Benefits of Technology


Technology has become an integral part of modern-day living. From staying connected with family and friends to conducting business to keeping updated on the latest news – technology has brought about tremendous changes in our lives. It also enables us to access the best medical treatment possible thanks to telemedicine, electronic health records and AI-driven diagnosis. In the education sector, it has enabled teachers to connect with students and facilitate better learning. It has also made it easier for learners with special needs, like ADHD and attention deficiency, to learn.

However, there are some people who resist the use of technology. This could be because of a fear of moving beyond what they have been used to or the thought that technology may replace them and make their jobs redundant. It’s important for businesses to address this by educating employees on the benefits of using technology.

Technology is broadly defined as the rational process of creating means to order and transform matter, energy and information in order to realize valued ends. Hence, technology consists of all the tools, devices and systems that are developed through the technological process. It also includes the knowledge that makes the technological process possible, i.e., the facts and procedures needed to discover and develop new technologies. In other words, a technology is a broad set of interrelated and often overlapping technological objects and knowledge, ranging from toothbrushes to transportation systems. It’s important to note that some technologies are flexible, while others are fixed – for example, a microchip can be used in many different products and applications, while fungicides are only used to kill fungi and molds.