How to Write a News Article


News is a story or article that reports on current events. It can be reported in newspapers, radio, television or online. The main aim of a News article is to inform readers of a current event or development in an interesting and concise way. The news must be factual, not speculative or subjective. In the United States, journalists are expected to strive for objectivity, which entails reporting all sides of a story without bias.

In order for something to be newsworthy, it must be unusual, interesting or significant. It must also incorporate violence and scandal, be familiar and local, or be timely. A famous person’s death may be newsworthy if it affects many people. It is also newsworthy if it involves a public figure in disgrace or embezzlement, even if that person’s behaviour was not particularly outrageous or criminal.

Writing a good News article starts with a well thought out headline which is short, snappy and captures the reader’s interest. The body of the article follows a pyramid structure where the most important points are mentioned first. The less important points are added in subsequent paragraphs.

When reporting on a News article, it is very important not to use jargon as this can confuse and alienate the reader. It is also important to make sure that the facts are correct. Journalists often cross check the information in their stories with multiple sources to ensure their accuracy. This is done to maintain the journalist’s integrity and credibility.