How to Write Newsworthy Articles

News is a report of current events, including political happenings and world developments. It can also be used to describe sports events, weather conditions and crime news. It is important that News is factual and presented objectively. It should not be considered liberal or conservative propaganda, but rather a tool for citizens to inform themselves on a broad range of issues.

It is people who change the world, but non-human events can be newsworthy as well. For example, a cyclone or an earthquake can have dramatic consequences. Other examples include a volcanic eruption, or even a bush fire or drought. The reason these events make the news is that they affect large numbers of people in a significant way.

A good lead paragraph is essential for any news article. It should be short and grab attention by describing the main point of the story in an interesting way. It should answer the 5 Ws (who, what, when, where and why) in an intriguing manner.

Whenever possible, quotes are a great addition to a news article. This is especially helpful if the person quoted has an opinion on the subject, or has been involved in any way with the event. It is important to get the quotes directly from the source, and it’s often best to avoid adding your own opinion. The opinion of the person being quoted is much more likely to hold water, and be convincing to readers.