Relationships Can Boost Or Detract From Your Happiness


Relationships are a significant aspect of your life, and they can boost or detract from your happiness. Generally, a relationship involves some sort of emotional and/or physical closeness between people; it can include sexual intimacy as well as feelings of love or romance. In addition to romantic relationships, you can have friendships, acquaintanceships, and even family relationships.

A healthy relationship can bring out the best in you. It can increase your tolerance and patience, provide you with a daily source of support, help you grow spiritually, and offer you a sense of stability and security. Moreover, a good partner can also encourage those aspects of your personality that may be in the background, such as if you are an extrovert and your partner is more reserved.

However, there are some problems with relationships, such as toxic ones, that can cause great pain and hurt. In such cases, it is important to communicate your dissatisfaction and take the necessary steps to terminate the relationship.

A healthy relationship is not based on codependency, which means you don’t put your needs ahead of your partner’s. It is also not a “misery loves company” relationship where you are both sharing your pain, which often leads to resentment. Instead, a healthy relationship is based on mutual respect and a clear understanding that your differences can actually make you stronger as a couple. For example, if your partner has different hobbies than you, or has a different approach to money management, these differences can serve as an opportunity for both of you to learn from each other.