The Art of Making Automobiles

Automobiles are devices that enable people to move quickly from place to place. They are used for vacation travel, dining, shopping, and other personal uses, but they also influence the way we build our cities and the design of other industries.


The automobile has given people great freedom to move from one place to another. The ability to move quickly gives people more opportunities in their jobs and social lives.

It has also encouraged the development of sprawl, a type of straggling, low-density urban development that degrades landscapes and causes traffic congestion.


As they develop new models, automobile companies look at public tastes and preferences in order to predict what will be popular. This requires a significant amount of research and development that can take years to complete.

They also design cars to be safe and keep their occupants secure. They use computer-aided design equipment to create basic concept drawings that they can then study with styling experts and aerodynamic engineers.

Once they’ve developed a model, they make it into production by using assembly lines. These systems have helped reduce the amount of time it takes to assemble a car and reduce the labor cost in manufacturing cars.

In addition to improving the look and handling of their cars, automobile manufacturers are focusing on improvements that will help them increase fuel economy. These include improved engines, transmissions, and tires. They are also looking at ways to use new technologies, such as electric motors and hybrid vehicles.