The Benefits of Playing a Team Sport

A team sport is a competitive sporting event that requires the use of a group of people (either on one side or the other). Unlike individual sports, where athletes compete against themselves, a team sport involves cooperation and communication between teammates. This type of competition teaches children to work well with others, which can be beneficial later in life. In addition, playing a team sport can boost a child’s self-esteem and confidence levels.


Dodgeball is a fun and exciting team sport that promotes good sportsmanship and fair play. It is a fast-paced and high-energy game that focuses on teamwork and endurance. The game is played by two teams of seven players, competing to get the disc into endzones on a field the size of a football pitch. It’s a great activity for kids and adults of all ages.

Football, Soccer, Basketball, Hockey and Baseball

These team sports teach kids to work together. Every player on a team needs to do their part and play the game right or it won’t work out. Critical thinking skills are also honed when players must figure out how to stop an opponent’s star player or how to get a base runner on third with nobody on first and second.

Team sports also encourage kids to develop leadership skills by allowing them to be leaders on the field. When a coach assigns a player to lead warm-ups or the team in a game, kids learn to be responsible and confident when leading others. They also learn to communicate effectively with their teammates, whether it’s during a pregame pep talk or a post-game debrief.