The Benefits of Studying Law

Law is the system of rules that a country or community recognizes as regulating the actions of its people.

It is a broad field, covering such diverse areas as criminal law, tax and social security law, human rights law, family and employment law, and major debates in legal theory. Oxford Reference provides authoritative, accessible information on the major terms, concepts, processes, and organization of this broad discipline, written by trusted experts for researchers at every level.

A Legal Career

Studying law is an interesting and rewarding degree that offers a wide variety of career options. It can lead you to a career as a judge, attorney or paralegal, and it also has transferable skills that can help you get into other industries like the finance sector.

A Great Work Environment

If you enjoy a challenge and are looking for a career where you can grow as an individual, then studying law is the right option for you. This is because you will have a lot of reading, writing and analytical skills to work with.

Being a lawyer is very difficult, but it can be very rewarding once you have finished your studies. The job usually pays for you to go out with clients, take holidays once or twice a year and your firm will even pay for your health insurance and other benefits.

A Good Salary

As a lawyer you will receive one of the highest salaries out there, which is a fantastic benefit that many people look for when choosing a career. This is especially true if you choose a law firm where you will have your own office, rather than a cubicle.