The Different Types of News


Having news to read is an important way to keep up with the world. It can also serve a social function. Younger people may be less inclined to turn to traditional sources of news, but as they mature, they may become more engaged in the process.

News can be classified into three categories. The first is about people. Stories about prominent people often make news because they are leading public lives. They can be involved in scandals, fall from power, or lose money.

The second category is about money. Money stories can be about food prices, the Budget, or wage rises. They may also involve economic crises. The third category is about health. Stories about diet, medical research, and hospitals are also newsworthy.

News can also be about local events. Local news may not be relevant to people living elsewhere. This is because the word “local” can mean different things to different people. In addition, the event may be important to people in one country but not in another.

Lastly, news can be about events that take place anywhere. If an insect discovery is made, for example, it may be significant in one country but not in another. In this case, a story on the discovery of the insect could be big news in a general news broadcast, but it could be of little interest in a specialist publication.

News can also be about non-human sources. For example, a man biting a dog is not news. However, a crossword puzzle on the news may be.