The Importance of Relationships

The relationships we have with others make up a large and important part of our lives. These can range from close and intimate to distant and challenging, but they all contribute to the social support network that is vital for physical and mental health.

Relationships can be romantic or platonic, sexual or not, and they can involve a commitment to one another or not. There are many different types of relationship, including dyads (two people), triads (three people), and polyamorous relationships. There is also the term significant other, which can be used to describe any person with whom you have a close emotional connection.

In a relationship, we put the needs of our partner above our own, and are willing to do anything for them. This is a form of selflessness and sacrifice that is the foundation of true love.

When in a relationship, we respect our partner’s friends. This is a big deal and is not always easy to do, but it is necessary for a healthy relationship.

Healthy relationships take work, but it is not necessarily difficult or exhausting. Think about a hobby you really enjoy or a project you’re passionate about — those things take time and effort, but they don’t feel like work because they are fun, inspiring or engaging. In the same way, a relationship that is fulfilling and healthy can be just as enjoyable as any other aspect of your life. In fact, research shows that people with supportive relationships have lower stress levels and are happier overall.