The Legal Definition of Law


Law is a system of rules that govern the conduct of people and their relationships. These laws help to maintain the safety of individuals and the community at large.

Legal definition of Law: – A rule that is laid down by an authority, governing the behaviour of individuals and groups within a specific territory. These laws cover everything from crime and business to social relationships and property.

A rule that is set by a government or society over a specific area of land and that applies to all entities in that territory. These laws can be in the form of legislation, custom or policies recognized and enforced by judicial decision.

The most important aspect of a law is that it is consistent with reality. This may be proven or theoretical, sanctioned or unsanctioned, true or mythical, harmonious or antagonistic.

Examples of laws are traffic rules, seat belts, school bus rules etc. They provide expected guidelines for society and make it easier to understand the right way to behave and the wrong way not to.

Despite this, there are many different interpretations of the term law and what it means to society. Some authors see law as a tool to regulate behavior, while others see it as an instrument to satisfy social wants and needs.

Regardless of the view, law is a vital aspect of society and an essential part of any country. It teaches and protects rights, gives people the opportunity to seek justice and helps maintain peace in society.