The Meaning of Technology


Technology has been an important factor in human history. From the early days of stone tools to space travel, technological developments have shaped our world and propelled societal change. Today, information technologies like e-mail, the Internet, and smartphones are the cornerstone of modern life. Technology improves the environment and solves problems that humans face. It’s also a powerful tool for businesses to keep up with the competition.

The concept of Technology can be very broad and difficult to define. Some people use the term to describe anything that’s human-made, while others focus on a particular type of thing or activity. The word is also frequently misunderstood and misused. For example, some people confuse it with computer science, but defining it in this way is not appropriate because it excludes many areas of application.

Rather, the term should be used to describe a process that brings some aspect of the world closer to the way the person using it wishes it to be. This process requires reasoning through contingencies and specificities, rather than just calculating the efficiency of different means to some already-determined end.

Taking a broad approach to the meaning of Technology can be helpful for teachers when planning their instruction. They should consider what types of technological tools will best complement their lessons and allow them to meet course, unit, or lesson objectives. Teachers should start small and choose technologies with which they are familiar, those that are readily available to integrate into their teaching, and those that will enhance their students’ learning.