What is Fashion?


Fashion is a mode of self-expression characterized by the ever-changing trends in clothing and accessories. This style of expression can be used for a wide variety of purposes and is accessible to everyone irrespective of the social, economic or geographical boundaries.

It is a global business where millions of people work to design, cut, sew, glue, dye and transport clothing to the stores. People of all age groups, classes and genders follow different styles to identify themselves with a specific time and place in history or culture. Often these trends get popularized by the media (print and electronic), movies, television, music, advertising hoardings etc.

Many people believe that changes in fashion reflect societal change or the financial interests of the designers and manufacturers involved in the business. However, research shows that internal taste mechanisms influence what is considered fashionable even when there is no obvious societal change.

Some examples of this are the resurgence of certain names such as Rebecca or Zoe or the popularity of particular styles of shoes or clothing. Changing trends are also seen in the fashion industry in the form of new products being introduced as well as in the way that old ones are brought back into fashion. However, for a trend to be defined as “fashionable,” it needs to be widely accepted and widespread.