What is Home Improvement?

Home improvement is any kind of work done on a house, apartment or condominium that increases its utility, comfort, aesthetic appeal or value. It includes painting, repairing, replacing, remodeling, renovating, restoring, converting or adding to any structure or fixture in a residential building, as well as fences, gates and landscaping. Home improvements also include the installation of energy-efficient devices, heating and air conditioning equipment, water heaters and furnaces, ventilating systems, insulation and wall-to-wall carpeting.

Many homeowners decide to improve their homes for financial reasons. Others may wish to update their kitchen or bathrooms, or add a deck or patio. Still others may want to make their home more energy efficient, with new windows and insulation for example, which can lower utility bills significantly over time.

When choosing a contractor for your home improvement project, it is important to check their license, insurance and business references. If possible, choose a company that is a member of a trade association or an accredited professional organization, as this can be a good indicator of their reliability and expertise. You should also consider that prices vary between contractors, so don’t rely on price alone when making your final choice.

Home improvement projects can be costly, so it’s important to understand which improvements will add value and which are a waste of money. There are many ways to upgrade your home, from a minor bathroom renovation to a whole-house remodel, but some projects won’t provide the best return on investment.