What is News?

News is information about events that are significant, fast and interesting. It is often presented to the public in an objective and accurate way.

The most common sources of news are newspapers, magazines, television and radio. People also use the internet to access news. The most important thing about news is that it is accurate and fast. This is important because people want to know what’s happening around them quickly.

A news article is usually written by a reporter. It includes facts about an event and quotes from people who are involved in it. It should not contain the writer’s opinion. It is best to use the inverted pyramid style of writing, with the most important facts and details at the beginning of the article. This makes sure that readers will see the most important information first and are likely to continue reading.

What makes a story newsworthy can vary by culture and country. For example, a crime might be newsworthy in one society but not in another. A coup d’├ętat in the neighbouring country might be exciting to read about but not so much if it involves your own government. A good rule of thumb is that a news story should be new, unusual, interesting and significant. This is called the “Newsworthiness” concept. It capitalizes on the fact that while people may struggle to give a concrete definition of what is and is not news, they are very good at judging whether an event meets those criteria.