What is News?


Whether you are a writer, journalist, or journalist in training, you have probably heard the term news. It’s a term that can be defined in many ways. In its most basic form, news is a report of recent events.

In its more technical sense, news is a report of a new discovery, such as the discovery of an insect. The insect discovery may be a big news story in a general news broadcast, but it might not be as big a story in a specialist publication.

News stories may be about famous people. If a politician or celebrity gets into trouble, that could be news. However, that doesn’t mean that the politician or celebrity is the story. The story can be about a scandal, and may even be about a famous person who has fallen from power.

Besides politics, news can include anything from crime to the weather. For instance, a person breaking an arm will make news, but the weather will be less interesting.

News can be made by non-human sources, such as computer programs or robots. However, newsmakers must ensure that the story is about people, and not about bugs or other topics.

Another kind of news story is the human interest story. It’s not about the biggest news, but it does appeal to the human emotions. Stories about humans could be about a hospital, a health condition, or a medical research study. Stories about people can take place anywhere in the world.