What Is Technology?


Technology is a broad term that can encompass many different types of tools and devices. It can refer to both tangible (physical) tools, such as pens, pencils and white boards, as well as intangible tools such as computer software.

The field of technology is a rapidly growing one. It is a topic of interest both in schools and in the workplace. It is important to understand how technology shapes our interactions with each other and the natural world, as well as how we shape it through use.

In the business sector, technology often has a narrower definition, one that is more focused on IT or Information Technology – computers, networks and servers. The wider scope of technology also includes the development and application of new tools to help people work faster, more accurately and with greater efficiency.

Technology can have a positive impact on human society, but it can also lead to problems such as pollution and unequal distribution of wealth and power. It is generally accepted that technology influences and is influenced by culture, with the interaction of these two factors playing a key role in its creation and evolution.

Modern technology has become so complex that it requires specialized training to design, build, maintain and operate. Educators can help students make good choices about the use of technology by encouraging them to limit screen time and set aside time for fun activities such as browsing the internet, playing games and chatting with friends. For example, it’s a good idea to follow the 20-20-20 rule: every 20 minutes, look at something that is not a screen for 20 seconds.