What Is Technology?


Technology is an area of human activity that involves creating or changing cultural tools, machines, and processes. It also includes the application of math, science, and art to enhance living as it is known. Technology may be enhanced in a positive way or it can facilitate political oppression and war.

Technological development helps humans survive and creates new living conditions, allowing us to live longer and grow in comfort. It also improves communication and allows people to travel farther and faster. It is the source of innovations that help us advance in life, such as cars, phones, computers, mp3 players and even self-driving cars.

When most people think of technology, they think about the gadgets we use in our daily lives – mobile phones, the Internet, computers, big TVs and HiFi’s etc. In a business context, technology usually refers to the technologies that allow businesses to stay ahead of their competition. These include IT, Data analytics and Artificial Intelligence.

Educationally speaking, technology prepares students for the future by enabling them to learn in different ways. For example, using augmented reality allows students to see science concepts as visual graphics in a class or real-time environment. Virtual reality allows students to go on an educational tour of places/destinations without leaving the classroom.

Lastly, the use of technology allows teachers to collaborate with each other and with experts from around the world. This kind of learning is far more effective than just lecturing to a class because it provides the students with many examples and scenarios.