What Is Technology?

Technology is the current state of humanity’s ability to combine raw materials to produce goods or services for satisfying needs or wants. It encompasses technical methods, skills, processes, techniques and tools. The term is also used to describe the overall level of development in a specific field, such as medical or space technology. It is the opposite of low technology, which refers to poorly developed methods, skills or tools.

While many discussions of technology focus on the technological gadgets people use – mobile phones, the internet, computers, TVs, HiFi’s, cars and robotic grass cutters – it is important to remember that technology is more than just about these devices. Ultimately, technology is about how we use the tools we have to achieve our goals.

Moreover, technology is also about the processes and techniques that make the gadgets work. This includes the way we create and develop them, as well as the way we deploy them to achieve our objectives.

Finally, technology is about the ways we learn from our mistakes and adjust to new developments. The technology landscape is constantly changing, and as a result it can be challenging to keep up with the latest developments in this field.

Often, companies are keen to upgrade their technology in order to gain a competitive advantage. However, there are also instances where technologies have led to societal problems and exacerbated existing ones. As a consequence, governments may be ill-equipped or unwilling to respond to the social issues that technology can sometimes create (Zuckerberg 2019). Nevertheless, there are some steps that can be taken in order to prevent this from happening.