How to Write Good News


News is about events that have an impact on people’s lives and are regarded as important by the media.

It may be about a large loss of life, damage or natural disaster; it might involve confrontation between nations, groups or individuals; it might be about a major change in the weather; it could be about a crime or scandal; or it might be about money.

In every society there is a range of things that make news, but the way in which they are identified will be different.

1. Use jargon appropriately

As with any other industry, there is often a wide variety of jargon when writing news stories. This can be difficult, so make sure you understand the jargon and explain it to your reader as often as possible.

2. Begin with an exciting lede

The most interesting news stories begin with an opening that grabs the reader’s attention right away. These are called “ledes” in journalism jargon and should be written at the top of your article.

3. Keep the news value high

When evaluating whether or not something is news, journalists look for these four factors: it has an impact on people’s lives; it involves violence and scandal; it is familiar and local; and it is timely. These elements are known as news values, and a range of theories have been developed to help define them.