What Does Technology Have to Do With Education?


Technology is the means by which we order and transform matter, energy, and information to realize valued ends. It encompasses both the tools and systems created by this process, as well as the knowledge necessary to discover and create such means. It is not simply a way to solve problems; it is an ongoing attempt to bring the world closer to the way we wish it to be.

Technological innovations like the wheel, computers, MP3 players and self-driving cars have significantly shaped our daily lives. It has enabled us to do work that would otherwise require a lot of manual effort and attention to detail with ease and accuracy. It also saves time and money. It is the reason why we can now work from home and stay in touch with friends & family even when we are miles apart.

However, it is important to understand that not all technologies have the same impact on our lives. It depends on how we use them and how we implement them in our daily life. For example, when TVs became popular in America, it exponentially scaled the behavior of people zoning out in front of them hypnotized by their visual stimulation.

Another important aspect of technology is its effect on education. It enables students to access a huge variety of learning materials on the internet from anywhere in the world in a matter of minutes and at any time. This helps them become independent learners and enriches their knowledge base.